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Location : Senj
Senj city founded more than 3000 years old settlement on the hill Kuk, located east of the Senja today. In prehistoric times under the old settlement, the confluence of the streams of the long bay, there was a harbor in which she performed the exchange of goods between the inhabitants of the interior and the islanders, Primorac. Mid II. ct. Kr. in these regions Romans and slowly take control of the town, which was then called Senia.At that time, built the aqueduct, baths, temples, city hall and other buildings, as evidenced by numerous archaeological finds. In mid-December. c. The 1169th established the diocese, which indicates the importance of the city. Senj Diocese of 1184th belonging to the knights Templar order in which property remains to 70s XIII. c. After the Templars, Senj take Krk princes named Frankopani under whose administration is re-developing trade and Senj became an important port.Senj in the Middle Ages, also known by the letter of the Glagolitic alphabet created back in September. century for the evangelization of the Slavs. The Senju was established (1494) Glagolitic printing house, which is one of the first printing in the whole Southeastern Europe. Ottoman campaigns have led to the fact that the Senju formed military units that are named senjski uskoci, who provided great resistance to the army of the Ottoman Empire and Venice. For 1558 years on defense fortress was built Nehaj.In the second half of the XVIII. Josephine build new roads, ports being renovated and built a large warehouse Imperial. Senj then becomes an important commercial and cultural center, and its people become carriers of the Croatian national ideology. Construction of the railway Karlovac - Rijeka (1873), which is bypassed Senj caused a large disastrous consequences for the economy of the city. Today is Senj valuable economic and tourist center that attracts visitors from all over the world.
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